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I can provide the following services on your instrument amplifier. Please, TUBE amps only. Right now I can offer quick turn around.

Have a look at a recently completed Laney Pro-Tube 50 project. After the upgrade this amp is killer!

More than 30 years experience

bulletTube testing and performance evaluation
bulletTroubleshooting and repair
bulletTransformer replacement
bulletSocket replacement and tightening

I use the following equipment:

bulletTriplett 3444 Laboratory Tube Analyzer
bulletFluke True RMS  DB bench meter
bulletFluke multimeter
bulletHewlett Packard scope
bulletEico VTVM and power meter
bulletHeathkit High Voltage power supply
bulletSencore Capacitor tester and bridge
bulletSencore Resistor sub box

My rates:

bullet$20.00 minimum (like re-bias, includes testing output tubes)
bullet$30.00 per hour for other services (15 min billing after first hour)
bulletI would prefer local drop off but if you pay round trip shipping I can do it


Thanks for your business